UAB “Žlugtas” provides various textile processing services.
What is the service we could offer you?


Environmentally friendly and clean production

It is the newest and most advanced technology in the textile industry distinguished by exceptionally high accuracy, speed and quality. The production is environmentally friendly and does not involve any use of chemical substances.

Advanced technology
We offer you a great opportunity to use a new service provided by our company - laser treatment technology for fabric processing.

Unlimited possibilities
The laser treatment technology, together with imagination and friendly cooperation, provides unlimited possibilities for product processing.

Various fabrics
We are able to use laser treatment technology on various fabrics: denim, flax, cotton, Tencel, silk, etc. Your company‘s logo, coat of arms, inscription, picture, pattern, etc. can be transferred on to the fabric. The size of the design is up to 1 meter.


New fabrics, especially made from natural fiber, and their products, are usually hard and rough, easily crumple when worn and are unpleasant to the touch. Such textile products, processed using the softwash technology, with previously negative wear characteristics become soft, light, pleasant and comfortable to wear. Furthermore upon the completion of softwash processing various resins previously present in the fabric due to auxiliary chemicals used in the fabric production process are removed.

Our company was one of the first in Lithuania, starting from 1993, to introduce softwash technology on finished textile products, therefore our experience in this field is very considerable.




Enzyme processing is commonly used for achieving the worn look on finished articles, especially denim and other articles of clothing. Performed on industrial scale enzyme wash can replace such complex processing methods as stonewashing and is also environmentally friendly due to its enzymes of natural biological origin.

Clothing manufacturers use this method very often because it softens the previously hard fabric, removes fluff and clothing articles (jeans) become softer, more elastic and of neutral scent .



Dyeing service is currently suspended!

In the dyeing process we use dyes specifically designed for natural textiles. These dyes are especially suitable for cotton, flax, Tencel and their composite fabrics. The articles made from these fabrics constitute the major part of the production dyed at our company therefore we have considerable experience for the provision of this service. The dyeing is performed in high temperatures therefore the dyes in fabric spread evenly and deliver such exact shade as could be desired by the most particular customer.

We also achieve good results in dyeing articles of clothing made from other fabrics therefore we are always open to cooperation and perform all required testing on the request of the customer.

We use   dyes.


The felting method is used only for products made from wool, mostly articles of clothing and small home textiles. During this process the density of the wool fabric is increased to the limit requested by the customer. The main effect of this method is that the processed wool article sustains the heat better while wearing.


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